Injectable treatments for men

While some consider beauty a feminine term, those of you that are enlightened know that the modern male can express his own desire and need for self-beautification. Even the most rugged man can trust our experienced health professionals to apply injectable fillers to the facial and muscle structures unique to men.

Injectable fillers are an alternative response to a need that used to only be treated with drastic, possibly dangerous plastic surgery. Small amounts of safe fluids are injected into various spots around the problem area– this process has little downtime, no scarring and can be completely reversed in most cases. Injectable fillers can help solve the following issues:

  • Scars: It is often said that women are attracted to scars. While this may be true for some, those with acne scarring or other unsightly blemishes may beg to differ. Injectable fillers are effective at masking and reducing the appearance of scars.
  • Wrinkles: No man likes to admit they are aging, no matter how distinguished they look. Salt and pepper hair is one thing, but wrinkles add a tired and weather-beaten look to any face. A few subtle, regular injectable filler treatments will have you feeling and looking like a younger man in no time.
  • Sagging: Hard work in harder conditions can cause skin to lose volume and sag. Strong features can become droopy, adding years to your appearance. Injectable fillers add volume to these areas, boosting sagging skin and reversing its consequences.

It’s a simple process: first, our medical professional will prepare the area with a topical anesthetic. Filler is then injected to the problem area. Finally, the nurse will massage the filler once it has been injected, molding it into place.  The filler can be injected into various spots– depending on what problem you are trying to correct. Many people choose to use injectable fillers as a non-surgical alternative to balance protrusions, recessions or other inconsistencies in the facial area.

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Botox Facial Injections in our anti aging clinic in Mississauga