New Skin, the Cleopatra way….

Daily soaking in donkey milk, they say, made Cleopatra’s skin fresh, glowing and young… How did she discover its benefits? Did she have chemists and skin care specialists making her concoctions for youth?!    Today, we know that it was the Lactic Acid in the milk that gave her the glow!

Lactic Acid was first isolated in 1780 by the Swedish pharmaceutical chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele. In the years to come, its use was extended more and more, to get to its beauty benefits of the 20th century – refreshing, moisturizing, resurfacing, making skin younger and better!

Lactic Acid is a water-soluble acid, derived from soured milk, artichoke, pineapples, bilberries and other natural sources. It belongs to the family of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids, together with its siblings – Glycolic, Mandelic, Malic, Tartaric and Citric acids. Lactic acid has a slightly bigger molecular structure than Glycolic acid, but smaller than the rest of the AHA family. This makes it well tolerated and safer to use. Lactic acids penetrates the epidermal layer of the skin and breaks the bonds which are holding the dead cells together. As it penetrates deeper, Hydronium ions (formed when the positive Hydrogen ions of Lactic acid detach from it and bind to water) destroy damaged epidermal cells. In this process of selective damage, the cells release epidermal growth factors, which stimulate and accelerate the regeneration of the remaining healthy cells. With stronger concentrations, Lactic acid can penetrate into the dermal layer where it can create a chain of events, leading to inflammatory responses, stimulated release of growth factors and eventually – fresh collagen.

At MDA Institute, the Lactic Acid of our professional choice is by Environ. This product preserves the skin integrity, while at the same time the Hydronium ions safely and effectively reach the dermal skin layer, where fibroblast growth factors are released, resulting in improved collagen production.

Lactic acid made Cleopatra desired not only by Julius Cesar, but by Mark Anthony as well… Visit us and claim your Cesar today…

New Skin, the Cleopatra way….