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Botox Facial Injections in Mississauga

The word Botox has become a part of our everyday vocabulary. With over 3 million Botox procedures performed in the US and Canada alone last year the “wonder drug” has been increasing consumer demand and awareness of procedure. Its inherent safety profile has become readily understood in the industry.

Dysport may be newer in North America (on the market since only April, 2009), but it has been battling Botox head to head in Europe and elsewhere for several years already. Dysport and Botox have similar mechanisms of action (neuromuscular blocking toxin).

Dysport has less of a protein load than Botox. Clinically this means that Dysport will result in the formation of fewer antibodies against it. Antibodies are what our bodies use to detect and destroy foreign proteins aka antigens (the injected medications).

Hence the assumption is that with fewer antibodies being formed the clinical effects of Dysport should last longer than those of Botox. That being said, some clinical trials indicate that Botox has longer lasting results.

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