Did you know that: our STYLAGE® fillers are designed and manufactured by Laboratoires VIVACY in France where product and customer safety is of paramount concern.

All STYLAGE® products are exclusively formulated with antioxidants, mannitol or sorbitol.

Mannitol is an antioxidant agent found in a large variety of fruits, vegetables and plants. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and has been incorporated into STYLAGE® gels to preserve physico-chemical properties of the injected hyaluronic acid.

Protective action

When a needle is inserted into the skin tissue, the inflammatory response includes activation of free radical-generating enzymes on the injection site. Those reactive molecules attack the injected HA and try to break down its overall structure. Antioxidants, free radical scavenger, are helpful in reducing and preventing damage from free radical reactions because of their ability to neutralize the radical without forming another. They provide optimal resistance to the gel’s degradation. They also help stabilize physico-chemical properties of the product in the syringe during its storage at room temperature.

Sorbitol, like mannitol, is an antioxidant agent that has been safely used in cosmetics and beauty products for a long time due to its powerful moisturizing properties. Complementary to the STYLAGE® range with mannitol, sorbitol has been added to STYLAGE® HydroMax formulation, a dermal filler specifically developed by Laboratoires VIVACY to improve skin hydration and elasticity. As a very hygroscopic antioxidant, sorbitol helps skin retain water to conserve moisture and thereby keeps it looking healthy and youthful, to read more go to   https://stylage.eu/products.html