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Regenerating effects of mesotherapy

Is your receding hairline, double chin, puffy dark circles or cellulite giving you hard time? • Try Mesotherapy! The non-surgical cosmetic resolution that is introduced into the layer of fat and tissue underneath the skin is called mesoderm. Administered through several injections that contain various types of FDA approved medicines, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, […]

New Skin, the Cleopatra way….

Daily soaking in donkey milk, they say, made Cleopatra’s skin fresh, glowing and young… How did she discover its benefits? Did she have chemists and skin care specialists making her concoctions for youth?!    Today, we know that it was the Lactic Acid in the milk that gave her the glow! Lactic Acid was first isolated […]

Are Dermal Fillers Safe?

So you’ve decided you want to get dermal fillers but you are concerned about the safety and long-term effects of dermal fillers?🤔😇 • Hyaluronic acid fillers such used by MDA Institute have a strong safety history of tens of millions of people treated worldwide. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in our bodies, and its job […]