Post Treatment


Botox/Dysport Post Treatment Care

Avoid laying down for 4 hours and wait 24-48 hours to workout (including yoga). You can resume your normal skin conditioning and hydrating routine the same day.

Do not receive facial, massage, laser treatment or other skin treatments like microdermabrasion or chemical peel after botox/dysport injections for at least 14 days.

Headaches happen in about 10% of injections and are completely normal.If you are not bruising, we recommend taking 500mg of Tylenol or 200mg Ibuprofen; you can also try some caffeine. They should stop after a few days.

You should start to see results in 4-7 days. Some people are faster than others and some take up to two weeks for full results to settle in.

Little bumps are completely normal and should resolve within 30 mins of injection. Occasionally, a bump can last a day or two, often the result of a bruise. Try icing the area.

Bruising is uncommon with Botox injections. If you do think you are getting a bruise, avoid caffeine, ibuprofen and alcohol — these can make it worse! Try icing the area or taking an Arnika

While we recommend waiting two weeks for final results, however if you do feel like you need a follow up let us know via call or text, we will contact you with a short appointment time.

Dermal Fillers Post Treatment Care

Avoid extensive sun or heat for 72 hours after the injection. We suggest waiting 24 hours before working out.

Bumps can sometimes happen with lip filler. Most bumps are small resolving bruises or a build up of the product. These can be massaged out or, in rare instances, we can use a small droplet of a dissolver.

Swelling depends on multiple factors and just because you didn’t swell one time, does not mean you will not swell the next time you do a treatment. Avoid consuming excess amounts of alcohol or salt to avoid swelling.

Bruising may happen and some people are predisposed to bruising. We suggest that you avoid certain supplements and vitamins, alcohol, and ibuprofen products to minimize the chance of bruising.

Microneedling, PRP, Mesotherapy Post Treatment Care

We just punctured hundreds of tiny needles in your skin to encourage your body to go into “healing” mode and stimulate your collagen and elastin production.

In rare cases, you may experience bruising, depending on skin sensitivity and/or blood thinning medications.

During treatment and just after, you may experience pinpoint bleeding; this is a normal response with this procedure.

The next day you may wash your face with a mild cleanser and tepid warm water to remove any excess dry skin/scabs and allow your skin to breathe and heal faster! Do not use a washcloth or scrub.

Wait 24 hours before applying makeup. Moisturizer and SPF are good to go, as is vitamin C (although it may sting a little!) Avoid retinol-based products for 5-7 days.

Most people experience some redness for 24 hours or less. Depending on skin type and depth of procedure performed, your redness and healing may take up to a week.

Avoid tanning, sauna and working out for 48 hours.

We recommend a series of 3-5 treatments about 1 month apart to reveal optimal results.

Peels Post Treatment Care

Compared to other chemical treatments, our Bio C Peel does not cause discomfort. Patients may note a slight stinging sensation when it is immediately applied, but this will diminish almost immediately.

Although complaints with Bio C Peel are uncommon, you may sometimes experience itching the first night (usually  relieved by cold compress), dry patches may also  occur, Keep your skin well hydrated with good moisturizer and a hydrating serum.

Avoid tanning, sauna and working out for 48 hours.

Results are semi-permanent, sessions of 5-8 treatments are recommended.