Biodegradable Fillers


Stylage® is the first hyaluronic acid dermal filler with local anaesthetic lidocaine (lignocaine) and an antioxidant, in the form of mannitol, all within one product.

Stylage® is biocompatible, so you have no chance of an allergic reaction. Because it is biodegradable, it is perfect for your ever -changing beauty needs for your face.

With the various different concentrations Stylage can target and treat according to the degree of the sunken dermis or area of skin. Stylage dermal fillers corrects wrinkles (forehead, crows feet, nose and chin wrinkles, mouth wrinkles, etc.), gives the skin lost moisture and enables modelling of facial shapes and contours (cheekbones, hollow cheeks, lip volume and oval face).

What our dermal filler Stylage® can do for you?

Fill and smooth out wrinkles while rehydrating the skin. Your nurse or doctor will be able to assess and determine which Stylage® dermal filler will work best for you, according to your unique needs, the depth of the wrinkles and the thickness of your skin. The filling and smoothing effect of each Stylage® treatment will be immediate and will last for approximately a year.


In Stylage® hyaluronic acid molecules are cross-linked in a special way. This allows for:

Optimal density and long-term impact
It may be injected through a fine needle, which reduces (in combination with the mannitol) the injection trauma and your recovery time to the minimum.
the thickness of the dermal filler is adapted to the depth of the wrinkle. Stylage XXL example, gives most of the volume and elasticity. It contains no animal or human derived components.

Stylage® is a substance that is present in human tissue by nature.

Stylage® does not take away the underlying cause of the formation of a wrinkle, but does help to improve your appearance by adding filler under the skin in the treated areas.

Stylage facial fillers are perfectly adaptable to all skin types and ages.
Are there any risks when using stylage facial fillers?


Side effects are rare if Stylage® is administered properly by our extensively trained doctors and nurses. Nevertheless, the risk of a complication can never be ruled out so we can guarantee our efforts for a good result but never a 100% guarantee of success or absence of unwanted effects.

After a treatment with Stylage® dermal fillers some general reactions to injections can occur , such as swelling, redness, tenderness and sometimes discolouration around the injection site, although this will be minimal.

By the addition of Mannitol these effects usually disappear spontaneously within 1-10 days after treatment and can be reduced by cooling after treatment ( you will receive a free cooling pack if desired ).

In the majority of the cases you can resume your daily activities almost immediately after treatment.

A study showed that 97% of patients receiving one of the STYLAGE® dermal fillers were satisfied with the treatment at 12 months(2).


STYLAGE® Classic Range: S, Special Lips, M, and L

Correction of fine lines and superficial wrinkles
Correction of medium to deep folds
Correction of the area around the eyes
Facial rejuvenation by lifting loose skin and restoring skin firmness
Lip augmentation for improved contour and definition
Removal of the wrinkles around the mouth
Rehydration of the lips

The classic series of the fillers

STYLAGE® Volumising Range: XL and XXL

Cheek and cheekbone enhancement for a more youthful appearance
Face oval and chin remodeling
Correction of mid-face volume loss

Stylage XXL and XL facial fillers

STYLAGE® Hydration and Revitalization: Hydro and HydroMax

Improving skin hydration, elasticity and skin tone
Delaying appearance of the skin ageing process

Stylage hydro dermal fillers

STYLAGE® Lidocaïne “Special Comfort” Range: S, M, Special Lips, L and XL.

The unique range to incorporate both an anaesthetic (lidocaine) and an antioxidant (mannitol) in its cross-linked HA gel
For making injections less painful and improving the patient’s comfort during the procedure.

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